Project Times

By Larry Chester The Two Key Factors for Project Success Victor Vroom, the head of Behavioral Science at Yale, determined why some projects succeed and others fail. We can only know, of course, if a project succeeds or fails at the end of the project. Dr. Vroom determined two key indicators for success we can […]

By Tom Barker Becoming a More Effective Sponsor In the previous article we explored sponsorship and what a sponsor does. This time we address the more difficult questions which are – how do they achieve these results, what do they do as individuals that enable such results to occur? The formal component is well documented […]

By Larry Chester Failure can be avoided if you carefully address the task issues of a project. But success can be guaranteed when you address the people aspects of a project! We have discovered three minimum conditions for any project team to work: Common purpose: We share common project goals and objectives. We are moving […]

By Tom Barker The Critical Role of Sponsorship in Making Projects a Success What is sponsorship and why do we claim that it is like being a magician. Because sponsors make projects successful without appearing to directly work on them and magicians make things change without appearing to touch them. Because like magicians we cannot […]

By Tom Barker The Clearinghouse Concept There is an old saying that “situations alter cases” and nothing could be truer for today’s project managers, beset as they often are by continual changes to priorities among the various project stakeholders. What starts out as a well-defined project with a workable plan and adequate resources can all […]