Larry Chester

by Larry Chester “The best possible decision requires better information, more creative solutions, and better evaluation (costs/benefits/risks) of the alternatives against our objectives. Buy-in depends on the involvement, participation and engagement of the team—the more, the better.” Click From Chump to Chimp to Champ  to access  the full article.

By Larry Chester How to make it work! “In the future we will no longer refer to the ‘Fortune 500’. We will refer to the ‘Fortunate 500’: companies that delight their customers, delight their employees and continuously improve.” The comment, attributed to John Naisbitt, seems paradoxical. How can an organization continuously improve, get better, faster […]

By Larry Chester The Two Key Factors for Project Success Victor Vroom, the head of Behavioral Science at Yale, determined why some projects succeed and others fail. We can only know, of course, if a project succeeds or fails at the end of the project. Dr. Vroom determined two key indicators for success we can […]

By Larry Chester Failure can be avoided if you carefully address the task issues of a project. But success can be guaranteed when you address the people aspects of a project! We have discovered three minimum conditions for any project team to work: Common purpose: We share common project goals and objectives. We are moving […]

By Larry Chester Project success can be as simple as having the right people on the team, all doing tasks they like to do. The best project managers know how to choose the most appropriate people for each project task. Exercise Put a hash mark on each of the following two lines to indicate where […]