Dr. Tom Barker

By Tom Barker, PhD, PMP (appeared in the PMI Troubled Projects SIG newsletter in 2009) In a recent Start Trek movie, the young Jim Kirk leaves the highway in order to evade a highway patrolman and instead of getting booked he ends up driving the “borrowed” car off a cliff, just managing to scramble to […]

By Tom Barker and Michael E. Raynor* CIOs are in a unique position to advance their companies’ continuous-improvement efforts, if they can only stop defending their own turf. Continuous improvement involves learning about business processes and acting on that newfound knowledge to increase the value provided to customers: in short, becoming a customer-driven business. The […]

By Tom Barker Change may be inevitable but it can make us very twitchy. We all know the feeling: we watch major changes taking place in our companies, whether they be in data processing systems, budgeting procedures or personnel practices and ask ourselves whether it’s worth the business disruption and staff bewilderment. One explanation may […]

By Tom Barker A speech given in a seminar on “Linking financial and non-financial performance measures to the overall strategy of your organization” sponsored by the Institute for International Research, Toronto, May 22, 1997 You Can’t Borrow Measures… When you are invited to attend a formal social function and start looking at an outfit to […]

By Tom Barker Becoming a More Effective Sponsor In the previous article we explored sponsorship and what a sponsor does. This time we address the more difficult questions which are – how do they achieve these results, what do they do as individuals that enable such results to occur? The formal component is well documented […]