Training and Development

Our clients need great instructors plus tested training programs, customized to their requirements, to develop management and employee skills, to change behaviours, and to improve bottom-line results in such areas as:

  • Strategic Management—what we wish to become (learn more)
  • Process Management—how to improve or to create business processes that consistently deliver better, faster, and lower cost results (learn more)
  • Project Management—how to deliver projects and strategic initiatives on time, within budget, and to the customer’s expectations (learn more)
  • Performance Management—how to modify and create human performance systems that work (learn more)
  • Issues Management—how to recognize and resolve performance gaps, problems and opportunities as they arise, where they arise (learn more)


Our clients ask us to provide excellent facilitators and proven thinking processes to ask better questions and to get better answers with greater buy-in and commitment for implementation. We help individuals and teams to ask those questions, to gather the right information, to evaluate that information, to generate more innovative solutions, and to gain commitment of the best possible solution. Specific opportunities include.

  • Performance Analysis: Helping client organizations to identify what is happening versus what should be happening and to determine what is preventing them from getting there (learn more)
  • Group Facilitation: Using a structured process for reaching a common understanding of a situation, for discussion and dialogue that will “cover the bases,” and for taking aligned action, thoroughly yet quickly (learn more)
  • Individual Coaching: Providing individuals with support at critical points to think through and implement strategic goals and objectives, to solve problems, or to make more effective decisions (learn more)