Performance Analysis

In order to take decisive action an organization needs data on “what’s happening” and “what we want to happen” from the perspective of all stakeholders in the situation.

For this the organization needs

  • Relevant questions that are designed to elicit the information needed to the right level of detail for the context
  • Productivity of their people through questioning that’s consistent, easy to respond to with objective help available to encourage them to accurately articulate their thoughts and opinions.
  • Readily assimilated conclusions and insights based on skillfully summarized data that highlights the key points of agreement and the key points of difference.
  • Actionable steps for the opportunities and issues identified, that are based not only on best practice methods but also on the expressed readiness of stakeholders to act.

Process Design Consultants designs and implements this service through surveys, interviews, focus groups as appropriate for the needs and constraints of the client.


  • Evaluation of effectiveness of a companywide training course for a national retailer
  • Identification of measurement opportunities and issues for the call centre of a major oil company
  • Identification of a service delivery model for a provincial shared services organization

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