Process Design Consultants has experience in a broad spectrum of industries. Whether an organization needs training, consulting or a combination of both, we’ve been able to deliver cost-effective solutions which have won praise from our clients and their employees. The following is a cross section of the industries we’ve been involved in.


We have worked with both underground and strip mining operations to provide managers and employees with problem solving and decision making skills. For example, we worked with the Economic Recovery of Gold project to identify and anticipate workplace issues, to solve the myriad problems, to make better, more effective decisions, and to plan the implementation of actions to ensure success.

We also worked with a coal company with metallurgical and steam generating coal operations to provide its employees with a common process for dealing with problem solving and decision making issues.

Municipal Government

We designed a series of business skill development courses for the largest municipal government in Canada. These included topics such as Decision Making & Problem Solving, Handling Performance Problems, Conducting Effective Meetings, Consulting Skills, Creative Thinking and Change, Developing a Strategic Plan, Train-the-Trainer, Group Facilitation Skills, and Giving and Receiving Effective Feedback,

We worked with a large Regional Municipality to develop and deliver a tailored performance management program for its management group plus a critical thinking skills workshop for managers and employees. Both programs have long waiting lists.

Provincial Government

We designed two project management programs used extensively within the provincial government. A one-day program was designed for senior executives; the other two-day program was developed for middle-level managers.

We also developed two workshops for a provincial ministry of health in critical thinking (two days) and project management (two days). Both programs are open to managers and employees.

We facilitated a two-day offsite strategic planning session for the director and her direct reports for a branch within a natural resources ministry. The session helped them to clarify where they should be going over the succeeding 3-4 years and how to get there.

Banking and Financial Services

We designed an Introduction to Project Management workshop for a major bank. The program was developed for two audiences: the project manager who needed a common set of skills and a communication process to initiate, define, plan, execute and close large projects that met customer requirements on time and within budget; and employees from the rest of the bank who needed skills to complete small projects quickly and surely.

We trained 1200 branch managers in a major bank to become more effective in solving problems and making decisions and in communicating their solutions to more senior levels, to staff, and to customers.

Electrical Utilities

We have worked with the major electrical utilities in two Canadian provinces to provide their managers and employees with problem solving and decision making skills and with project management skills. We also designed a business process improvement course and a planning and implementation course for one of these utilities.

We worked with a nuclear power plant design and construction agency to provide their managers and employees with a common set of skills for solving problems and making better decisions with greater commitment and support from their clients, the electrical utilities.

Oil and Petrochemical

We have worked with several oil and petrochemical companies to design,, develop and deliver problem solving and decision making workshops and project management workshops. We have been the provider of mandatory workshops within one client organization for the past 12 years.

We have also designed Team Building workshops and Root Cause Failure Analysis workshops for the petrochemical sector.


Process Design has worked with Canada’s largest, most successful retailer to develop a critical thinking skills workshop and a strategic planning and execution workshop. We have worked directly with the client organization and with its financial services arm.


We have worked with Canada’s largest, most successful railroad to develop and deliver workshops in such areas as business process improvement, problem solving and decision making, and project management. We have now delivered highly-acclaimed workshops for this organization for over 10 years.

We have provided problem solving and decision making skills plus management development skills to a very successful provider of transportation automation solutions for transit systems and railroads. Our workshops tend to be over-subscribed.