Group Facilitation

In order to reach a common understanding on the situation and take aligned action, a group needs a structured process for discussion and dialogue that will “cover the bases”, thoroughly yet quickly.

For this the group needs

  • An approach that balances quality of discussion and speed of progress through a well-crafted agenda that’s agreed up front.
  • Access to the freely expressed views and thoughts of the leader as well as those of the rest of the group through the participation of a skilled facilitator focused on the meeting process, thus removing this burden from the leader.
  • Ongoing awareness of the need to balance quality and speed throughout the meeting, achieved through the attentiveness and “cues” of a skilled facilitator who is in tune with the group and its desired outcomes.
  • Commitment to action that comes from individuals participating in the process and taking ownership of the outcomes, gained through people seeing their contributions recorded by the facilitator, thus shaping the output and influencing their colleagues.

Process Design Consultants plans and facilitates this service in on-site settings or off-site retreats.


  • Definition of project requirements for a steering group of provincial government finance project.
  • Strategic planning session for the management team of a community care access centre
  • Facilitation of a process re-engineering steering group for an industrial distribution company.

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