Engage the Fox: Preview

“I am sometimes a fox and sometimes a lion. The whole secret of government lies in knowing when to be the one or the other.” – Napoleon.

Napoleon was right. Sometimes you need to be a fox.

Hedgehog has been the publisher of The Toad Hollow Gazette for the past 18 months. The role has not been an easy one as Hedgehog is the first non-amphibian to run Toad Sr.’s family-owned newspaper. Also, the Newspaper industry has been going through a terrible time, with a number of regional papers going out of business as they lose readers and advertising revenue to the web. Hedgehog is facing his greatest challenge yet, with his top advertisers threatening to pull their business if he does not offer them a substantial discount. Toad Sr. has threatened to shut down the paper if there is any further decline in profit. And Rabbit, the paper’s editor-in-chief, has just threatened to resign. Hedgehog wishes he could simply curl up into a ball and hibernate.

A chance meeting in a bar with a dapper and charming consultant named Fox gives Hedgehog hope, as Fox promises to teach him a new way to think about problems. Fox teaches him how to gather information like a squirrel, generate ideas like a fox, evaluate ideas like an owl and seek consensus like a dog. Hedgehog learns how to avoid common business thinking pitfalls by avoiding the wolf and ignoring the lemmings. And in the end he discovers a way to save the beloved newspaper and thrive in times of change.

Engage the Fox is based on Process Design Consultants Inc.’s Critical Thinking Skills program, which is based on proven training methods used over the past 30 years with major global corporations, organizations and government. To arrange for an advanced version of the book, please contact us.

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