Individual Coaching

In order to implement strategic objectives and plans that get results, individuals need support to assist them at critical points to think through how they wish to act before pressing “go”.

For this the individual needs

  • Confidential, informed and supportive help from a coach who treats them as the client, the decisionmaker with unique, specific objectives, vision and values.
  • Relevant questions and active listening from a coach who provides a sounding board that is solely focused on supporting their thought process (not on figuring out the answer for them)
  • Encouragement and confidence from a coach who has “been through this before”
  • Facilitative exploration of the options for action and their implications together with practical suggestions (where these are wanted.)

Process Design Consultants provides coaching in short, individual sessions, face-to-face, by phone and even (where appropriate) via email.


  • Facilitated action planning of re-engineering team leaders for an industrial distribution company
  • Coaching of project coordinators of a strategic technology project for large public sector organization
  • Coaching of the head of an I.T. Department during implementation of a strategy-based restructuring

If you have an individual who might benefit from individual coaching, contact us today to find out if we can deliver what they need.